How to Look After Your Glasses

18 January 2014  |  Admin

                            How to Look After Your Glasses

You may not have given it much thought but if you look after your frames and lenses well, they're sure to last longer. Here our our top tips to help ensure that you won't need to be reaching for your wallet so often!

  • Our optician has often heard stories of patients either leaving their glasses somewhere too cold or, more commonly, somewhere too hot, causing the lenses to crack. Don't leave your glasses on radiators! It's an easy thing to just pop them on a radiator and then forget about them for hours. Another place to avoid leaving them for a long time is in your car, directly under the windscreen, on a hot, sunny day. You may be disappointed when you come back to your vehicle! And if it's a freezing night, don't leave them outside on a window ledge or table, exposed to the elements.

  • Don't regularly clean your lenses with soap or washing-up liquid. Recent research has established that the chemicals in some liquids can damage your lenses. It's OK once in a while if the lenses are looking dirty. Simply use water the rest of the time.
  • Try to make sure your glasses case and cloth are kept clean. Continually
    placing the lenses inside an unclean case could eventually cause scratches.
    Our lenses are scratch resistant but not scratch proof! Similarly, try to only
    use the
    microfiber cloth given to you with your glasses to clean them. If
    you're always using different materials such as clothing
    to clean them, it
    could lead to small scratches. If you're out and about and don't want to
    carry the case, think about
    taking just the cloth with you.

  • Almost certainly the most common problem with glasses is them being
    sat or stood on
    . If you've been wearing glasses for a long time, you'll
    probably intuitively be aware of keeping them in safe places. But if you're
    new to wearing
    glasses, we think it's easy to forget that you have quite a
    fragile object to take care of! - discount prescription glasses with free 1.6 lenses