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Eye Size 50mm

The 'Eye Size' (also known as 'Lens Diameter') measurement is the maximum horizontal width (in millimeters) of either one of the lenses on your glasses. The other frame size measurements are 'Bridge Size' (the lowest figure, usually from 15mm to 20mm)  and 'Arm Length' (the highest figure, usually from 130mm to 140mm).

When you are choosing one of our frames, think about choosing a frame similar in size to a comfortable pair of glasses you own. It doesn't have to be exactly the same size but a similar size will help you get a better fit.

For more information, have a look at the 'Frame Size' section found on every one of our frame pages (clicking on any of the glasses below will take you to a 'frame page').

  If you'd like to have a more specific frame size search, you can use our 'Refine By' tool, found in the left hand column.

(Please note that the frame size search in our 'Refine By' tool currently includes frames with a higher 'eye size' than 50mm. This is because some of the frames below have two frame size options and if there's a higher or lower 'eye size' than 50mm for one of those frame size options, it will show in the search). - discount prescription glasses with free 1.6 lenses