Information about the Lenses

It’s not possible to have prescription or alternative lenses with these sunglasses. They are only available from us with the manufacturer’s original lenses, which will be non-prescription (known as 'PLANO'). They’re scratch-resistant, hard coated lenses and have ultra-violet (UV) protection against the sun. 

We usually specify whether the lenses are solid or graduated. Solid lenses have the same shade over the whole lens. Graduated lenses gradually become a lighter shade; starting with a darker shade at the top of the lens and going to a lighter shade at the bottom.

We also specify if our sunglasses have mirrored lenses. Mirrored lenses have an extremely reflective (mirror-like) coating applied to the lenses surface.

             Help with your Frame Size          

The simplest way for you to get the right frame size is to read the measurements from a comfortable pair of sunglasses (or glasses) that you already own. Often, your sunglasses will have wider lenses than regular glasses (to better protect against the suns rays) so it's probably better to read the measurements from your sunglasses. You can usually find the dimensions (perhaps with the help of a magnifying glass) on the inside of the arms/sides of your sunglasses and occasionally on the inside of the bridge (the part of your sunglasses that sits on your nose).

It is usually written in the format:  56-18-140  Thankfully, it is easy to distinguish what these numbers refer to:

  The much
higher figure (140) is the Arm Length (also known
    simply as the 'Sides').
  The middle figure (56) is easily identifiable as the Eye Size (also
    known as Lens
  The much lower figure (18) will be the Bridge Size/Width.

They do not need to be an exact fit but the nearer they
are to your current pair, the more likely the sunglasses you buy from us will be a comfortable fit. Please note that the Arm Length is less important in determining a comfortable fit than the Eye Size and Bridge Size are.

If you cannot identify any measurements (perhaps because they have worn away with time), you can either:

1)   Visit an optical shop and find a pair of sunglasses
       (or glasses) that feel comfortable. Note down the
       measurements (ask a staff member 
if you are 
       not sure) and come back to

2)  Measure your own sunglasses (or glasses). Measurements
in millimetres so you will need a millimetre ruler:

Bridge Size: 
The minimum horizontal distance between the rims on a metal or plastic frame or the minimum horizontal distance between the lenses for rimless frames.

Eye Size:
The eye size is the maximum horizontal width of either one of the lenses on your sunglasses/glasses.

Arm Length:  
Measure from the dowel point (the hinge area, where the arm connects to the main part of the frame) to the furthest point of the arm. This involves measuring to the bend and then measuring the drop separately. You can then add together the two measurements to get the final arm length.  
Our Price:  £66.00



Frame Size (mm):  


Special Offer:  Order 2 pairs of glasses / sunglasses and receive the lowest value pair with 20% off....(can be the same pair or different pairs; also applies for reglazes).

  • For Men
  • Full Frame
  • Plastic (Polycarbonate) Frame
  • Round Eye Shape
  • 'Overlensing' - Lenses are Extended to the Edge of the Eye Shape
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