Our ProDesign glasses are designed with particular emphasis on how the
frame and face fit together. Manufactured in Denmark, they’re one of only
a few brands that we have whose main business is eyeglasses rather than
fashion clothing. They’re proud to have had their ProDesign glasses
featured in a Hollywood film; Seth Rogan wore them while filming the
headline-grabbing comedy about North Korea, ‘The Interview’, playing
alongside James Franco.

We’re confident that you’ll be happy with your ProDesign glasses. Not only

do we offer free Clean & Clear 1.6 thin and lightweight anti-reflection
(AR) lenses
but we also offer free worldwide secure delivery. We also
have a great price for our even thinner and more lightweight Clean & Clear
1.67 anti-reflection (AR) lenses - just £22 extra. We advise you to choose
these lenses if your prescription sphere (SPH) reading is quite high (above

We also have some glowing reviews on the independent review site,
If you’re still possibly having doubts about ordering online, our
no-quibble money-back or exchange guarantee should give you peace
of mind. And our retired optometrist, Mark Sceats has had years of
experience in the optical industry. We look forward to handling your order
if you decide to purchase our ProDesign glasses from us.


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ProDesign 1228 Prescription Eyeglasses Online

inc. Free AR Coated 1.6 Thin Lenses, Free UK Special Delivery & Free Worldwide Secure Delivery

1 Colour Option            Women's

Frame Size:   49 - 15 - 137

£100.00   £70.00

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