Our Puma glasses are perhaps the most famous brand we have on Puma is known the world over as a sporting
brand you can trust, with a rich history - they brought out the first
ever studded football shoe, had a notable presence at the 1936
Olympic Games and have recently partnered with Formula 1 racing
team Mercedes GP Petronas.

Puma glasses draw inspiration from the years of knowledge gained

by the sporting brand, blending comfort and precision effortlessly.

Over the years, Puma has attracted world-class celebrities to endorse the label, perhaps the most famous being Pele. He was offered $120,000 to wear them during the 1970 Football World Cup in Mexico, famously kneeling down right at the end of Brazil's first match to tie his shoelaces, giving viewers all around the world a close-up view of his boots - we're not sure if he actually needed to tie them!

Other famous sportsmen who have helped promote the brand include Maradona, Kenny Dalglish, Johan Cruyff, Boris Becker and more recently, Robert Pires and Freddie Ljungberg as well as probably the most famous sportsmen of today, the Jamacian sprinting sensation, Usain Bolt.

Founded by Rudolf Dassler in Germany, his brother, Adi Dassler, was the founder of Adidas! There was believed to have been some animosity between the 2 siblings - having originally been just one company that boomed after Jesse Owens was persuaded to wear the company's spiked shoes during the 1936 Olympics, there was a post-war split - the name Puma was introduced in 1948.

Our Puma glasses have a great price and with our free worldwide shipping, we've had orders from all over the world. We also offer free 1.6 thin and lightweight anti-reflection (AR) lenses - some glasses websites charge up to £59 for these and the lenses are often even more expensive on the high street.

We look forward to dealing with your order if you decide to buy from us. Our committed and experienced customer service team will ensure you'll be happy with your purchase. If you have any reservations, perhaps you can have a read through some or our customer reviews on the independent review site, Trustpilot - whether a customer writes a good review or a bad review, it still has to appear on the website. 

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PUMA 'STEREO' PU 15255 Semi-Rimless Glasses

inc. Free AR Coated 1.6 Thin Lenses, Free UK Special Delivery & Free Worldwide Secure Delivery

1 Colour Option            Women's

Frame Size:   49 - 18 - 135

£101.00   £71.00

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